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Solution Partnership

The name in the public is Dealership.
Become a Venomedya solution partner and earn 33% net revenue from each sale made.

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E-COMMERCE More customers, more sales, more profit and less workload ... For more, take a look at our E-Commerce Solutions →


Being a Solution Partner is enough to present your customer portfolio from our flexible, fast, easy-to-manage website and e-commerce solutions.Apply now to sell our products ↗    or call    (224) 443 75 35

Solution partnership

It's the Internet style of trade.

We have developed e-commerce software and add-ons for the use of e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Deliver fast and professional solutions to your customers' e-commerce needs with a powerful and flexible infrastructure.

Contact us to sell yourE-commerce and Web Site applications with high profit margins.

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Don’t be a Dealer, be a Partner!

Thanks to the management panel we have developed for our Solution Partners, you can delightfully organize many transactions such as receivables, customer management, license renewal.

  • Customer Management
  • Current account management
  • License Update Notifications
  • Custom Web Page and Management Panel
  • Same Day Installation - Shop 2 hours delivery
  • Easy Administration and Customization

Net System Stable Steps

The solution partnership is a serious business. Everything is Clear and Consistent .

E-Commerce Solutions

We invite businesses here who want to bring their local store potential to more people with the Online store.

Web Sites

The first step in digitizing for each business is the website. From all the devices, we show them the best looking themes from here →

Start to End

Seo, Social Media, Advertising, Visual design ... We can offer all these services together with our solution partners. We will supply the place where the request is →

Solution Partnership

We need you to build a larger service network together. We are experienced as a digital agency that meets the requirements of technology.

e:    p: (224) 443 75 35

Hello, I am Melih. I am here to answer questions about the solution partnership. I want you to know that I will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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Melih Tongul
Strategy & Planning
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What are the terms of being our dealer?

The person or company does not matter. You just need to be an entrepreneur to sell our e-commerce and Web-based applications. We are not looking for another condition.

How Does the Earnings System Work?

Our solution partners offer e-commerce and web themes at much more affordable prices than last users. The net profit per share is 33%. You will see all the prices in the management panel where we will build your domain name.

How can I show customer a demo?

With the website you stated on the application form you can display demos at the prices you specify.

Site Content Management

Content entry for the purchased service is provided by your customers.Duties may add the contents of the companies for a fee. This is a matter between you and your customer.

Technical Assistance

Thanks to the management panel, you can forward your questions to us when you are using the Support Request Form. Also in emergencies that may occur, you can call us from our phone numbers.

Domain ve Hosting

Domain and Hosting services are provided under the roof of the Venomedya. Fees are charged annually for renewal. This service is provided only by our company.

Start to End

  • E-Commerce

    E-Commerce is the present and future of trade. Take a look at the packages we have prepared specifically for the sectors.

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  • Web Sites

    Choose one of your business-friendly websites, attract more visitors. Become more familiar, become more brides.

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  • Domain & Hosting

    A domain that overlaps with your business provides advantages in every situation. Remarkable, easy to pronounce and as short as possible ...

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  • Google Ads

    Don’t search, be searched ... Meet with potential customers with Google ads. The good of the ad is in this way.

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  • Social media

    The most powerful channels of communication are social media circles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We know that the target is yours.

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  • SEO

    It's a search engine optimization with differrence between car engine. So everything that is done to rank high in Google.

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  • Content Production

    "Content is king." Bill Gates said that in 1996, and although it has been a while since, the king has not changed.

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