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NEW April 14 - Iyzico have been added to payment systems. In addition to Sanalpos you can get payment with PayTR and Iyzico .

Trade equals Internet

A branch in every pocket. All your products and services are in your customer's pocket. Because there is no hand without a cell phone in this period. New products, campaigns, bestsellers, leftovers ...
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All the advantages of Online Store
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Become Digital in Digital Age!

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    Local Store

    Think your store is selling goods to all Turkey even to all world if you want without saying “holiday, working hour”Think you have thousands even ten thousands of customers in promotion days. It seems a little utopian!

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    Online Store

    If you combine your potential in your local store with the Online Store , nothing is utopian. The continuity of trade can be achieved with E-Commerce today . You will see that the boundaries are just lines.w

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    Goal: reach the target team. To be loved and trusted brand by customers. We are ready to make our part. So you?

Makes Us Different, Makes You Special

Give your customers a pleasant shopping experience with our e-commerce site with elegant and functional design. No product will be gathering dust on the shelf ...

ecommerce store

E is Our, Commerce is your

Trade’s shape of today and of the future is Electronic Commerce. We do not want to create confusion with technical details. Everything in us is very clear. Where it should be and as it should be. In a short way, you trade, we do electronic.

We do not want to forget the live trading culture. I mean; Handsel is from you, abundance is from god, Let’s do 50?, The ones bought it bought this too. He took it to him who bought it, it's the last product - freshly finished, etc. We have these too. :) 😊

SOLUTION PARTNER PARTNER Make us deliver E-Commerce, Web Themes and many other services to potential customers.Win net %33. Click for application →

E-Commerce Solutions

It's plain and as simple as possible. Product Management, reports, user movements ... Everything is under your control. If you have an issue or want to get detailed information Contact Us.


Installation and Post-Installation

Once the package you have selected is installed, you can easily understand many basic parts such as adding / managing products, campaigns, reports, etc.

My Old Site / System

If your products are already in any site or system, the new E-Commerce Site can be transferred quickly and collectively.

Package Customization

Your work / operation flow can be customized according to your chosen package, completely customizable applications can be added.

Extra Support

When you request extra support for installation, e-commerce management and details, our team will help you 1 to 1.

What is Solution Partnership?

The solution partnership is a winning combination. If you be reference to our e-Commerce and web site solutions, in each sell you will gain net %33 profit

And then

The system is installed, the stocks are OK and the products are ready. So Later ... Venomedya is ready to serve you with sales promotion methods in advertising and marketing.


E-Commerce is Smart Business for Business

More and more ... Your goal is to offer more customers, more products and service, better prices, better.